Morgan’s Five Favorite Bridesmaids!

There are so many different styles here, and I love it! Starting with sequin and lace- I love the two combos here. Each ‘maid looks fantastic and although each are technically matching, they have put their own spin on it. A wide range of neutrals seems to be wedding gold.  It may seem daunting, but it sure does pay off with excellent photos and happy friends! Light prints are fun and they create a casual environment. I love the long dresses with parisols instead of bouquets- so unique! And of course any photo underneath a chandelier is beautiful, but so is the range of warm blue dresses!




(1) Jarvis Studio, (2) Memento Designs

  • Melissa Kawelaske

    Could you tell me where I could find the print maxi dress with the braided belt? Or who it’s by? I am in love with them? Thank you

  • Nine Photography | Dallas Wedding Photographers

    Love, love, loooooooooove those lace umbrellas!

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